How Coconut Broomsticks are Manufactured ?

How Coconut Broomsticks are Manufactured ?

Coconut broomsticks are naturally occuring products from coconut trees, but processed manually by hand. Coconut trees are also called Karpa Vriksha, that grow more than 100 years, exception being short and dwarf latest varieties of coconut trees.

Coconut trees normally yield coconuts every 45 to 50 days once. Coconuts shall have to be cut regularly from coconut trees inorder for the coconut tree to grow and yield normally throughout the year. High yielding variety coconut trees will give us more than 360 coconuts per year. While cutting coconuts, the ripened big sized leaves of the coconut tree are cut along with coconuts. The collected coconuts are used for various purposes including for producing coconut oil, cooking, and in producing various coconut products. The ripened and cut coconut leaves are also collected. The coconut leaves are then dried in natural settings or in sunlight. Once dried, theses leaves are then taken off or cut using a long knife from the main leaf backbones. These cut leaflets are then collected together. Such cut leaves consist of a central stick along with coconut leaf skin or leather of leaves. These central part called coconut sticks are removed from the leafy part of the leaflets separtely. Once these processed coconut sticks are collected together, they are then combined together into coconut broomsticks with a pick of our hand approximately weighing 500 grams or even lesser than this, but not exceeding such weight. If the coconut broomsticks exceed 500 grams then it will be difficult to hold the coconut broom stick by hand, and it will loose its convenience to use it by single hand, as what we do practically to clean wet and or dry floors or surfaces. Before it is combined into coconut broomsticks by our hand pick, it will be sorted, and graded based on length, since each coconut leaf has different lengths or sizes of sticks within each coconut leaves. Longer coconut broomsticks serve purpose of cleaning any floors without any bending forward, also used to remove dust particles lying on sunshades or windows. Short coconut broomsticks serve the purpose of cleaning rough surfaces, wet floors, clean bathrooms, used in gardens etc., Before the coconut brooms are desptached into a final product, the bottom part and the top part will be cut so that the broomstick serves it purpose of cleaning with a neat finish to the product. It will then be tied using a rope of different colours, based on the producer. In some cases, iron wires are used to hold it very tightly, so that it does not come out of the tied part or rope. Once the above process is completed, it is then weighed based on grades, packed as per customer orders and despatched to the required persons in need.

Coconut trees are available mostly in southern parts of India. Coconut broomsticks are used through out India and even abroad especially in western countries, since this product is eco-friendly, natural, sustainable and saves the natural environment through avoidance of plastic and or synthetics. It makes the environment neat and tidy, both indoors and outdoors.

Broomsticks being made from leaves taken from coconut trees, they are biodegradable, extremely hard, light weight and durable.

An old Indian proverb says : by sweeping your place that you dwell or live or your home in the morning with coconut broom, you wipe out negative thoughts and energies away. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use it in everybody's home across India and the World to clean dirt and dust, and also to remove negative energies from our home.

It is used in all homes, rich or poor, to restore order, cleanliness and beauty to the surroundings that we live. It is used in gardens and resorts. It is used to clean wet places easily such as bathrooms. It is used both indoor and outdoors- gardens and parks. It is used to wipe out and clean spider webs inside our home. Also used to destroy harmful flies and insects that come inside our home. The coconut broom is most durable and tough. It last longer than other brooms. Avoid plastic. Have atleast one Coconut broom in your home. Order now. Use it from now on.
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